2000 Isuzu Rodeo/Jukebox on wheels
Empeg 12GB MK2 with Blue Face

Note: If you have an Isuzu Rodeo/Honda Passport, order your
Empeg with a diode cable. This is needed to properly
shut down the Empeg in these SUVs.

You can click any picture to get a bigger,
more detailed image.

The Rodeo. Sorry the shot was taken at night.

The Dash Board.

Close up of the Empeg.
The plastic pocket is under the Empeg like it would be if I had the stock
radio installed. There's a McDonalds ticket for a free
McChicken Grill in there.

A little farther back.

The amp I used.
A Kicker IX254. It sits under the drivers seat. You can
only see it when the floor mat is out and the seat is
pulled all the way forward like in this picture.

The install was performed by Sound Concepts in Nanuet, NY.
They did a great, clean job and are more than willing
to listen to the way you want the install done.